Hometown material pavilion

There are fully a valuable exhibit of the Iwanai-cho with an old history in Hokkaido and an interesting content.

There is precious display of Iwanai the old history in Hokkaido. There are the domestic oldest organ which you can play and a copy of a person’s family register of SosekiNatsume. Records of Iwanai big fire interesting contents are full.

Address:3-5, Kiyozumi Iwanai TEL: 0135-62-8020
1. Every monday 2. A national holiday 3. Year end and new year( 31 December~5 January) 4. In addition, it is closed temporarily on the day when the director recognized it.
Admission fees/
1. Admission fees Adult(15 years old ) 100yen, Child(Under 15 years old more than 6 years old ) 50yen 2. Group admission Adult(More than 10 people) , Student or child 30yen, Other groups each 70yen
3. Special research admission fees( One day) each 200yen (When the mayor admits, the above mentioned admission fee can be reduced.)