Arai memorial art museum

You can look down at the Iwanai town from the Arai memorial art museum. The best viewpoint at the museum is Picasso’s print collection.

The total of the work has 267 to “Poor meal” and “Eroticus” !
The second pavilion 1F has the THE AGNOY OF COMING INTO THE WORLD museum, 2F collects the painting of the painter in Hokkaido and Keou Nishimura museum.
In this other museum, the exhibition and the concert etc. have been held the work of Keou Nishimura and unique.
10:00~18:00(May~September) (The entrance : to 17:30)
9:00~17:00 (October~The middle of December) (The entorance : to 16:30)
※It closes between winters. (The middle of December~The middle of April)
●Location/505-Nozuka, Iwanai Tel0135(63)1111
●Admission fee/Adults 1000yen、University student, High school student 700yen、School children 400yen
Groop charge(More than 10 people)/Each 100yen discount