Culture and History

Higashiyama ruins

The stone implement and earthenware were ex cavated from the Higashiyama soil inside to the house construction work of the Iwanai conflagration in 195 […]

Kikoh-in (The Temple)

It is a great image of Buddha painted with gold foil in wooden, that is, completed it in 1921 6.8m in height. You will be overwhelmed to the size. Woo […]

Sanjyusan Kannon image

Mercy and hope are given to many people and it hasstill become Motoyama of faith. Mercy and hope are given to many people and it hasstill become Motoy […]

Hydroelectric power station

“Iwanai hydraulic power electricity incorporated company ” was established only in Sapporo, Otaru and Hakodate in Meiji 38 without an electric light ( […]

The ground monument of wildness hop discovery

It will hop, if it is called the materials of beer. Iwanai is the ground that wild hop was discovered for the first time in Hokkaido. Iwanai is ground […]

Japanese asparagus monument

Asparagus is a familiar, deep as a vegetable of spring inseason vegetable. It is Iwanai to start in Japan and to have grown it. You usually eat aspara […]

The literary monument of the Takeo Arishima

Kinjiro Kida, the painter who continued creative activity while suffering was borne in Iwanai and became the model of Takeo Arishima’s novel “THE AGON […]

The monument of the Soseki Natsume

A great writer Soseki Natsume of Meiji age known byworks, such as “I am a cat ” etc. had a only family register in Iwanai for 22 years. A great writer […]

Hometown material pavilion

There are fully a valuable exhibit of the Iwanai-cho with an old history in Hokkaido and an interesting content. There is precious display of Iwanai t […]

Arai memorial art museum

You can look down at the Iwanai town from the Arai memorial art museum. The best viewpoint at the museum is Picasso’s print collection. The total of t […]

Kinjiro Kida art museum

In this museum, Kinjiro’s Kida work of art not only is exhibited, but also the another exhition unique and the concert, etc. have been held. Kinjiro K […]

Iwanai local Industry Support Center

It is new facilities where sales of deep-ocean water and technical support to the local industry, besides the fishery and the marine product processin […]