Boys soccer tournament in Hokkaido

An elementary school child under 10 years old come to Iwanai from each place in Hokkaido, and carried out the boys soccer tournament. Boys soccer tour […]

TheIwanai Shinto shrine festival

The very bravery mikoshi ( a portable shrine ) walk about in Iwanai every year. The very bravery Mikoshi( a portable shrine ) walk about in Iwanai eve […]

The Dotou festival of Iwanai

It is a port festival that has a history. It is a big events of the summer that is done for 2 days. This Iwanai was prosper as a port town, and it is […]

Hokkai Bonodori ( Bon festival dance)

It will be done Hokkai Bonodori ( Bon festival dance ) for two days at the middle of August every year. Many people wear the yukata ( an informal ligh […]