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【開催情報】海と森のキャンプフェス マリンビュー

開催について検討の結果、9月7日「海と森のキャンプフェス」を開催いたします! ※途中降雨等により、一部イベントおよび開催時間等に変更が生じる場合があります。 海と森のキャンプフェスの最新情報です。 ブースおよびイベントが決まりましたのでお知らせいたします。   〇ブース情報   […]

いわ Night View フォトコンテスト
いわ Night View フォトコンテスト

平成30年8月2日に円山展望台から見る町並みの夜景が日本夜景遺産に認定されたことを記念して岩内町で初めてフォトコンテストを開催しております! 豪華賞品もありますので、皆様の投稿をお待ちしております! 【募集要項】 募集作品テーマ 夕方から夜明けまでの夜間に撮影された岩内の写真。 風景、人物、スナップ […]

Maruyama observatory・Night view of Iwanai

A night view of Iwanai is the one of the beautiful four night view. You can see it from the Maruyama Kougen resort and it seems to a jewel box. This p […]

Katanagake Iwa ( rock )・ The setting sun of Raiden

The contrast of the Katanagake rock and the evening sun is very beautiful. There is a legend of Benkei’s twisting the rock and having put the sword wh […]

Kikoh-in (The Temple)

It is a great image of Buddha painted with gold foil in wooden, that is, completed it in 1921 6.8m in height. You will be overwhelmed to the size. Woo […]

Sanjyusan Kannon image

Mercy and hope are given to many people and it hasstill become Motoyama of faith. Mercy and hope are given to many people and it hasstill become Motoy […]

Hometown material pavilion

There are fully a valuable exhibit of the Iwanai-cho with an old history in Hokkaido and an interesting content. There is precious display of Iwanai t […]

Arai memorial art museum

You can look down at the Iwanai town from the Arai memorial art museum. The best viewpoint at the museum is Picasso’s print collection. The total of t […]

Kinjiro Kida art museum

In this museum, Kinjiro’s Kida work of art not only is exhibited, but also the another exhition unique and the concert, etc. have been held. Kinjiro K […]

Iwanai local Industry Support Center

It is new facilities where sales of deep-ocean water and technical support to the local industry, besides the fishery and the marine product processin […]


Road station Iwanai is facilities with convenience as a turning point in the 229th in national road line and 276th line. Tourists are widely familiar […]

Marine View camp site

When the night comes, the “Fishing of the Sea of Japan which spreads under its view”, and “A perfect starlit sky ” will direct a visionary location. T […]