Iwanai International Ski Resort

A hearty course on the Northern slope of Iwanai Mountain. Although typical ski-lodge food is available, Chinese ramen( noodles in soup ) are recommend […]

Mount Raiden

Altitude, 1211meters. This trail offers views of steep cliffs, Kokkuri Lake, the Sea of Japan, Shimamakimura and Mount Kariba, in addition to two hot […]

Mount Iwanai

Altitude,1086meters. Mount Iwanai belongs to Raiden volcano group. It is part of the Niseko mountain range on the Sea of Japan side of Hokkaido. You c […]

Undo Koen (Exercise park)

A multipurpose, illuminated fitness plaza with archery, tennis courts, baseball diamond, running track, and a children’s jungle gym. A wooden pl […]

Shinrin Koen (Forest Park)

Stroll along a 3.5Km path in a park full of nature. It consists of eight forests.(like “forest of relax”, “forest of small birds”, you can take a saun […]

Marine View camp site

When the night comes, the “Fishing of the Sea of Japan which spreads under its view”, and “A perfect starlit sky ” will direct a visionary location. T […]