Hot springs(English)

Iwanai hot springs resort

At the foot of the Iwanai mountains, you can see the Sea of Japan and Shakotan peninsula while soaking in the hot springs. It’s a wonderful view !!


Green park Iwanai

(2-500, Nozuka, Iwanai TEL:0135-62-8841) ●Please click here for detail. Natural hot spring(Water is added)≪Kakenagashi/The source of spring water is h […]

Iwanai spring village Takashimaryokan

(69-505, Nozuka, Iwanai TEL:0135-61-2222) Natural hot spring 100%≪Kakenagashi≫ (Spring quality)Sodium-hydrogen carbonate, chloride hot spring (Indicat […]

Iwanai Kougen Hotel

(6-505,Nozuka,Iwanai TEL:0135-62-5101) ●Please Click here for detail. Natural hot spring 100%≪Kakenagashi/It may that water is added according to a si […]